360 Drone Photography of Twickenham London

360 Drone photograph Twickenham

A while ago we did a collaboration with our RealSpace interactive and app developer sister company Heads Above The Cloud to achieve 360 drone photography. Our director Adam Bailey decided to take the skies in London and test our a 360 camera ball on one of our custom made drones and the results are fantastic.


(Unfortunately the file is a bit to big to have working properly on our website but CLICK HERE for a link to the pano)

You can view it on your desktop or put on a VR headset to be fully immersed in the photograph!

Kingfisher APS have a great partnership with the new and exciting ‘Prop-Tech’ company Heads Above The Cloud. Heads Above The Cloud produce interactive, immersive environments for the Property & Construction Sectors. Together we can produce 360 drone photography and videos! Using a 360 RealSpace camera they can also scan an existing environment whether that be a retail or commercial building, a home, restaurant, museum or any other space and create an immersive model of that space that you can walk through and interact with. Using Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) they can take development plans and create interactive solutions through smart  and wearable devices. AR uses marker-based or GPS-located technology to transform how you present your concepts and inform your existing and potential customers. Easily shared through social media, AR will create that buzz about your company and projects. You can e-mail them here or give them a call on 020 3828 1320.

At Kingfisher APS we tend to provide professional drone surveys, photography and videos to building and real estate professionals using Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS also known as drones).

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