Welcome to Kingfisher APS

An aerial photographic company using drones


We provide photographic surveys for construction and property

Our drones provide high quality images for investigations and reporting


Our services cover many industries

We provide unique aerial imaging solutions for a varied client base


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Welcome to Kingfisher Aerial Photographic Services

Kingfisher APS are an aerial photographic company providing imaging and reporting services to building and real estate professionals using Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS also known as drones). Our services include:

  • Aerial photography and videography by fully qualified pilots
  • Building and site surveys without the need for expensive scaffolding, abseiling or other plant
  • High quality imaging for reporting and documentation
  • Tailored aerial photography and videography services for various industries including television, film and advertising
  • Unique recordings for events, weddings and ceremonies

We provide a cost-effective, bespoke service which is tailored to our client’s needs.

We are an aerial photographic company focused on providing imaging and reporting services to building and real estate professionals.

Our service provides a cost effective and realistic solution to viewing and recording elements of buildings that would traditionally be inaccessible without expensive and sometimes specialist equipment.

Using state of the art Remote Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS), also known as Unmanned Aerial Systems/Vehicles (UAS or UAV) or ‘drones’, Kingfisher APS can provide eye level and detailed views of all areas of existing and developing structures. Using high quality imaging equipment we provide real time images to clients on the ground along with HD video and images that can be used to reference away from site.

Our operators are highly qualified, holding the necessary pilot qualifications and CAA permissions to carry out the aerial photographic services that Kingfisher APS provides. Our operators also hold RICS recognised building surveying qualifications as well as photographic and digital imaging qualifications. As a result we are able to provide reports alongside our recorded imaging detailing the viewed elements.

Our services are tailored to individual clients so you can rest assured that your particular needs are precisely met and in a way that is unique to your business.

Although we predominantly specialise in providing aerial photographic services to the construction and building industries we are also able to provide tailored services to other industries such as television, film and advertising. We are also able to provide unique recordings of events such as weddings or opening ceremonies. Should a situation arise whereby we cannot provide a service our contacts within the photographic and building industries means that we will always be able to recommend a professional to suit your needs.